Jul 26

Legalizing Immigration Status In Canada

It is never too late to try and stop being deported from Canada, by making an urgent Appeal to the Federal Court of Canada. It must be remembered that one of the ways of increasing the chances of winning such an Appeal, is to also apply for Permanent Residence in Canada based on...

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Jul 20

Divorce In Canada On The Increase

More than 50% of marriages in Canada end in divorce. The most utilized ground of obtaining a divorce is the act of a couple being separated from each other, with the minimum length of time required, being a period of one year. In essence, we have a system which allows divorce...

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Mar 25

Deportations By Immigration Canada Can Be Stayed

Over the past several months there has been much publicity concerning Canadian Immigration deportation of many persons who were living in Canada for several years without proper residency documentation. Many of these persons were from the Portuguese and Brazilian communities, but...

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